Installation Zero Seven from design powerhouse our Studios, who felt it was the ideal time to broaden their design brand name into a line of player centric "tech-life" items, supporting this quickly growing neighborhood. Our inaugural line of product is fixated the seriously well-known Installation Zero Seven A40 Audio System.

For several years, we've been associated with the design of numerous kinds of customer electronic devices, especially in the video gaming arena. And now that video gaming has become a prominent type of home entertainment, with "gaming way of life" rapidly settling, we chose to take advantage of our experience and offer people a genuine gaming brand name to rally around at the heart of this culture. Our items are particularly developed for the underserved hardcore gaming experts and core gaming lovers. Our overarching dedication is to enhance the sport of video gaming."

Installation Zero Seven is a different company from our Studios, sustained by personal funding and a consumed management group consisted of way of life, design, gaming and innovation item and brand name veterans.

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